Commitment to Quality

The products of the Pepper Mill are jumbo rolls of different sizes according to the order of the manufacturers. The maximum width of the rolls is 2550mm and a diameter of 1300mm. The products are subject to strict production control supported by the Valmet system with an integrated Metso Scanner as well as its own laboratory as the ultimate control. With more inovations, old systems have been upgraded to meet modern standards.


The Paper Mill factory documents its success in the field of quality and constant work in the field of environmental protection by Possession of A integrated permit from the Ministry of Environment.
Today Paper Mill is a recycler in the field of waste paper and cardboard, and the entire amount of waste paper and cartons that is processed in our plant are considered to be achieving national goals.

Purchase of recycled paper from used products and paper from production residue Production and sale of paper for wrapping and packaging, uncoated cardboard, fluting, pressed cardboard, coating paper or tester.