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Welcome to Paper Mill – Kochani

The goal of Paper Mill Kochani is to become a leader in all areas of ​​its business operations. With active participation in ecological actives, good collaboration with the local government and  the competent Ministries, continuous efforts and investments in cutting-edge equipment and technology in the domain of environmental protection using the best available methods, exchanging  experiences with foreign partners and especially by continuous investment in the education and professional development of its employees, Paper Mill  is on steady path to fulfilling its vision of being an environmentally  friendly company demonstrating professional competence and due care.



Schrenz is other type of liner, which is mainly used for the inner layer of the three-layer box or in the laminate construction box of the middle and inner flat layer …
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Fluting or Medium, is a paper used to produce cardboard work. This type of paper is crucial for making strong boards / boxes …
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Testliner or Liner represents the type of packaging paper used to make outer layers of boxes. If we take into account the visual appearance and technical…
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More about us

Paper factory in Kochani is one of oldest factories in Macedonia.
It was founded in 1963. In the representative of UNITRADE since 2016. Immediately after its reopening began the capital reconstruction of the production facilities, due to its termination at work previous years. From the moment of privatization of the factory, until today, about 4 million euros have been invested in it.


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